2011-12 IBPC POTY judge: Toi Derricotte!

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2011-12 IBPC POTY judge: Toi Derricotte!

Postby rus bowden » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:15 pm

I am very pleased to announce that poet, essayist, fiction writer, editor, teacher, and co-founder of Cave Canem, Toi Derricotte is our IBPC judge for the 2011-12 Poem of the Year. She will read in July-August. At this point, I should list her awards and honors, but they are so many, here is her link to them: Toi Derricotte: Awards. She is a poet who has emerged from the underground, went back under, and has come out on top. People label her feminist, single mom, and Afro-American, that she comes from abuse, and those are not wrong, but she is more than these flash points for those who love her and her work. She is a great leader for the movements because of the way she transcends them with her remarkable humanness. At the end of the day, just as throughout it, she's Toi Derricotte. She's a unique and remarkable poet. And now we of the InterBoard Poetry Community can be so honored to have her as part of our community.

Below are links that are organized so that you can find what you are looking for. Think of them as a resource. But if you can go through them and read them all, good for you. I recommend it.

Web Sites:

Toi Derricotte

Cave Canem: (Say Cah-vee Cah-nem: means "Beware of Dog")


Bio & Memoir:

Biography: in Toi Derricotte

The black notebooks: an interior journey

Black Poetic Feminism: The Imagination of Toi Derricotte

Derricotte, Toi (Toi Webster): (1941- ) poet, memoirist, educator: in African-American writers

Life and Work: in Penn State: Africana Research Center

on Toi Derricotte: in Women poets on mentorship: efforts and affections

Toi Derricotte: in African American writers: portraits and visions

Toi Derricotte: in University of Pittsburgh: Faculty

Toi Derricotte: in Wikipedia

Toi(nette) Marie Derricotte (1941- ): in Encyclopedia of African American women writers, Volume 1

Unburying the Bird: An Introduction to Toi Derricotte: in Persimmon Tree



At an Artists Colony: in Daily fare: essays from the multicultural experience

Beds: in The Best American Essays 2011

The Bond of Living Things: Poems of Ancestry: in Poets.org

Life in Black and White: in On the Issues

On "Southern Road" by Sterling Brown: in First Loves: Poets Introduce the Essential Poems That Captivated and Inspired Them

Writing Natural Birth: in The grand permission: new writings on poetics and motherhood



Acclaimed poet Toi Derricotte closes the book on her harrowing childhood with The Undertaker's Daughter: in Pittsburgh City Paper

Poet Toi Derricotte: in Black and White

"We Are Not Post-racial": in Sampsonia Way



Dildo: in Erotique noire


As Editor:

Gathering around: a reader celebrating Cave Canem's first decade


Printed Poems:

1994 Inventory: in Spirit & flame: an anthology of contemporary African American poetry

After a Reading at a Black College: the fifth poem in Persimmon Tree: Eleven Poems by Toi Derricotte

Allen Ginsberg: in The Giant Book of Poetry

Before Making Love: the first of four poems in The Drunken Boat: Toi Derricotte

Black Boys Play the Classics: in Poetry Out Loud

Blackbottom: the first poem in Carol Peters: Toi Derricotte

Bookstore: in The extraordinary tide: new poetry by American women

Boy at the Paterson Falls: the tenth poem in Persimmon Tree: Eleven Poems by Toi Derricotte

Brother: in AfroPoets Famous Writers

II. The Chicago Streetcar Fire, excerpt from Fires of Childhood: the first poem in Carol Peters: Toi Derricotte

Christmas Eve: My Mother Dressing: in Poetry Foundation

Clitoris: in Poets of the New Century

The Damned: in Home girls: a Black feminist anthology

Family Secrets: in Spirit & flame: an anthology of contemporary African American poetry

Fears of the Eighth Grade: in Learning by heart: contemporary American poetry about school

The Feeding: in Carol Peters: Toi Derricotte

For a Godchild, Regina, on the Occasion of Her First Love: in Home girls: a Black feminist anthology

For Black Women Who Are Afraid: in AfroPoets Famous Writers

For My First Grade Teacher and Her Special Messenger: in Best of Prairie schooner: fiction and poetry

From a Letter: About Snow: in Toi Derricotte

Grace Paley Reading: the second of four poems in The Drunken Boat: Toi Derricotte

Hester's Song: in Home girls: a Black feminist anthology

The House on Norwood: in Memory of kin: stories about family by black writers

Invisible Dreams: in Poetry Foundation

Market: in AfroPoets Famous Writers

The Minks: in Poetry Out Loud

My dad & sardines: in Poetry Daily

My light without my father's darkness: the third of four poems in The Drunken Boat: Toi Derricotte

Not Forgotten: in AfroPoets Famous Writers

A Note on My Son's Face: in Poetry Foundation

On a Picture of the Buddhist Monk Pema Chodron: in AfroPoets Famous Writers

On Stopping Late in the Afternoon for Steamed Dumplings: the seventh poem in Persimmon Tree: Eleven Poems by Toi Derricotte

On the Turning Up of Unidentified Black Female Corpses: in African American women speak out on Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas

Passing: in Poetry Out Loud

Rome: in Rattle

Squeaky Bed: the eighth poem in Persimmon Tree: Eleven Poems by Toi Derricotte

St. Peter Claver: in Poetry Foundation

The Weakness: in AfroPoets Famous Writers

Workshop on Racism: in AfroPoets Famous Writers



Emory MARBL: In Conversation: Kevin Young with Toi Derricotte and Cornelius Eady

The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation: Dodge Blog: Poetry Fridays: Toi Derricotte

Google Video Search (~400 results)

Online Video Guide: Watch Toi Derricotte Videos

Poetry Foundation: Video: Blackbottom

YouTube: Cave Canem Poetry



Lannan Podcasts: Cave Canum Evening, 15 November 2006 -- Audio

The Writer's Almanac: Christmas Eve: My Mother Dressing by Toi Derricotte



Shopping pages:

Toi Derricotte: Order

Amazon: Toi Derricotte

Barnes & Noble: Toi Derricotte

Powell's: Toi Derricotte

Individual books:

The Black Notebooks: An Interior Journey: at W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Captivity: at University of Pittsburgh Press

Empress of the Death House: at Amazon (Lotus Press, out of print)

Gathering Ground: A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem's First Decade: at The University of Michigan Press

Natural Birth at Firebrand Books

Tender: at University of Pittsburgh Press

The Undertaker's Daughter: at University of Pittsburgh Press


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