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"Light" Journal

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:54 pm
by Don Schaeffer
My poem, "The Stroke" was accepted for publication in the Fall issue of "Light": the "Departure" issue.

Dear Don Schaeffer,
We are delighted to inform you that your work(s) listed below, have been accepted to be included in our Fall issue, Volume 01, Issue 04 "Departure". Please also review the Table of Contents and report any errors to us by Friday, August 4th.

The Stroke
The Stroke
Part of last night
was a miracle. I
felt the shiver
of change. My head
lifted and the sky
was not the morning
on the earth.

I know how you
watch each other
and listen for words
and wait, but I
am going on a
journey beyond that.
My departure is now
and I don't care.

Away, everything is
new and mine, so I nod
only agreeably and
look away. I will
no longer satisfy,
transformed am I
into a far flung