XL--21 My Fifteen Minutes

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XL--21 My Fifteen Minutes

Postby WayneS » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:59 pm

All this talk of super heroes, I thought I'd "brag."

My Fifteen Minutes

I performed one heroic act
in my life,
saving a dog from a burning building.

Okay, the house wasn't on fire,
but there was smoke,
and where there's smoke
there's you-know-what,
so I'm still going with saving
a dog from a burning house.

I was getting ready to go to work
when I smelled smoke
while my neighbor--
a horrid old biddy
of indeterminate age
who spent her days on her front porch
smoking and cursing everyone,
especially black people--
pounded on my front door,
“Cupcake's in the house!
Save her! Save her!”

Cupcake, a mangy Pekinese,
also of indeterminate age,
who yipped
day and night,
and nipped at ankles,
which my neighbor would have also done
had she been able to get down
on all fours,
was apparently trapped in the house
as gray smoke escaped
from open windows.

My wife called 9-1-1 while I,
too dumb to think,
which may well be the definition of a hero,
gingerly touched the front door knob
of the burning--smoking--house
and, finding it not hot
pushed open the door.

I crawled below the heavy fog of smoke
to the sound of the yapping dog,
grabbed it from under a table
and carried it outside,
it bit me on the back of my hand
causing me to drop the ungrateful mutt.

The neighbor,
whose name I have blessedly forgotten,
barked, “Careful, goddammit!
Cupcake's got arthritis, you know.”
With that, she cradled the dog
and turned away from me.

Vickie summed up my heroic act
succinctly and effectively,
“What are you, stupid?”

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Re: XL--21 My Fifteen Minutes

Postby hawkseye » Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:18 pm


OMG -- heroic acts stories don't get much better than this, Wayne!

You have certainly lived a wild and varied life, and I think Vickie "gets" you--Ha, ha!

This tale (tail) runs the edge of unbelievability -- but, owner-dog a perfect match, I'd say!

Bravo to you, all the same -- hopefully your wounds (hand and pride) healed quickly -- if nothing else, years later, makes for a most enjoyable poem!


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Re: XL--21 My Fifteen Minutes

Postby allenitz » Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:36 am

very funny

it is the willingness to face the monsters that define the hero, not the monsters themselves.

congratulation, hero

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Re: XL--21 My Fifteen Minutes

Postby Bill_Back » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:54 am

In summary:

there was smoke, so I'm still going with saving
a dog from a burning house.
I carried it outside, whereupon it bit me
Vickie summed up my heroic act “What are you, stupid?”

Well told and funny how you didn't like the neighbor nor the dog yet acted as a hero.
No one appreciated it.
But it makes a great story and I would go with the "saved a dog from a burning house".
Definitely beats, "I saved a cupcake from a burning house."


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