XL--23 What Were You Thinking, Alexander Graham Bell?

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XL--23 What Were You Thinking, Alexander Graham Bell?

Postby WayneS » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:15 pm

What Were You Thinking, Alexander Graham Bell?

Lynn calls to speak to Vickie,
I say she'll be home in an hour
and ask if there's a message.

No message, she tells me.
Just wanted to say hello
and see how she's doing.

Vickie's fine, I say.
She's at her Tai Chi class.
I'll tell her you called.

You busy? she asks.
I'm writing, I say,
Is something wrong?

No. Just want to say, hey.
Rob and I had a good morning.
Breakfast at Waffle House.

I now know which of them
ordered French toast
and which had eggs over easy with sausage.

Sounds great, I say.
I'll be sure to tell Vickie.
Got to get back to what I'm doing.

Rob just walked in.
You want to talk to him?
I hear her handing the phone to Rob.

He's saying, I just came in for a drink.
But Wayne wants to say hi.
Rob gets on the phone.

We talk for a moment.
Beautiful day, he says,
I was clearing the fence.

Then get back to it, I say.
At your age, you'll forget where the fence is
if you stay on the pnone too long.

What fence? he asks.
We laugh.
Talk to you later, we say.

That evening, after Vickie and Lynn
chat about the latest round of Trump tweets
and what we're eating for dinner tonight,

Vickie approaches me wetting her tongue,
a sure sign she has something
she needs to say.

Why don't you ever call Rob
just to see how he's doing?
Lynn thinks his feelings are hurt.

His feelings aren't hurt, I assure her.
I just didn't show Lynn the proper enthusiasm
about Waffle House eggs.

You and Rob have so much to talk about
when you get together,
but you can go months without talking on the phone.

Look, if I needed him
he'd jump in his car
and make the seven hour drive in six hours,

And I'd do the same.
But we don't call him just to say hello
because we respect each other's time.

I'll never understand,
you and Rob, she says.
She probably won't.

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Re: XL--23 What Were You Thinking, Alexander Graham Bell?

Postby allenitz » Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:40 pm

we did not have a telephone in our house until i was about 15 years old. my father hooked up a bell from our house to the neighbor who had a phone. it we got a call, the neighbors rang the bell. needless to say we did not get casual phone calls. if the bell rang, it meant someone died.

to this day i do not phone chitchat - i am constitutionally incapable. to me a phone is a instrument for the conduct of business. so my attitude, which i unfortunately make clear when I'm on the phone, is tell me why you called then go away and leave me alone.

my wife on the other hand, calls me when she's 5 minutes from home to tell me she's five minutes from home.

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Re: XL--23 What Were You Thinking, Alexander Graham Bell?

Postby hawkseye » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:06 am

I was fully absorbed in this poem, Wayne and would love for it to have a wider audience --

I'm not a phone person -- never have been -- always wondered how others could do that: talk on the phone about seemingly mundane topics (I mean, must be to go on and on ) but I also was raised in a generation that assumed women talked on the phone while they did chores around the house -- and had lots of "girlfriends" and chatted a lot -- that women were talkers

I missed that gene, I guess.

But I get this back and forth, Wayne -- and it's funny in a good way

Guys ARE different than gals


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Re: XL--23 What Were You Thinking, Alexander Graham Bell?

Postby Bill_Back » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:54 am

I find myself with fewer people to talk with and very little ambition to talk for a long time.

Even my kids. I'll text and ask how they are doing, they'll say fine and I'll comment on the latest Trump fiasco and they will reply. Then we run out of things to say.

Enjoyed the back and forth of your poem.


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