LXII-3 Now I've Seen Everything

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LXII-3 Now I've Seen Everything

Postby Bill_Back » Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:18 am

I'll get back to current events later this week, maybe even talk tomorrow about how the high today is supposed to be a record breaking 60 degrees while tonight we have Blizzard Advisory. But for now:

Now I've Seen Everything
By Bill Backstrom

I had an uncle, who would say,
“Well, now I’ve seen everything”
When some strange event occurred

I shouldn’t be able to say that,
There are a lot of things I haven’t seen
The Grand Canyon
Mt. Everest’s summit
A lot of girl's that boys have fantasies about
A million dollars in cash
Most girls that men have fantasies about

Then I recall, my uncle said it a lot
Relegating it to a “look at that” comment
So I guess I can say it, even if I truly haven’t
Seen everything

I was at a wedding on Saturday afternoon
A young woman who worked at Subway
(where my wife works during the summer)
And a young man from my son’s graduating class
Wed at a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church

I’m Lutheran (the relatively moderate ELCA version)
I’ve been to Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Synod weddings
Catholic services, Baptist and non-denominational ones
Even a few Justice of the Peace marriages

All pretty similar, more or less
Bride in white, groom in suit or tux
Pretty bridesmaids in ugly dresses
Groomsmen in strange colored tuxes
Clergy talking about need to compromise
Or in the conservative churches
The value of the bride submitting to the will
of the husband while the husband would
honor and respect the wife and both
were to submit to God

I was even at a cousin’s wedding once where
The father of the bride spent a lot of money
To rent a lavish mansion for the afternoon
Brought in a string quartet,
a full buffet for the reception and
a Justice of the Peace who did the entire ceremony
in less than 90 seconds
Sort of a “Do you take?
Do you take?
I now pronounce you man and wife"
Up until now, that was my “I’ve seen everything” wedding

Saturday’s wedding started out normal, but veered off
Minister’s homily was about Jesus washing the feet
Of his disciples and how that represented humility
And respect and service to the other party

Then they brought out a chair and a bucket
The groom washed the bride’s feet
Then the bride washed the groom’s feet
The service continued normally from there

Now I’ve seen everything

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Re: LXII-3 Now I've Seen Everything

Postby WayneS » Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:40 am

That's unique, I have to admit, and I've seen nude weddings....


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Re: LXII-3 Now I've Seen Everything

Postby allenitz » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:44 pm

nothing like i've ever seen at a wedding either. but they weddings are second only to funerals on my avoidance list.

i wonder which of the two being hitched came up with the idea and imagining the conversation when it was suggested, was a pedicure included in the plan.

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Re: LXII-3 Now I've Seen Everything

Postby hawkseye » Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:44 pm

well, now, that sure is a fresh take on an old script!

and good use of a phrase that came to mean something vastly different than its face value


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