Call for Poetry Submissions

Yes, YOU CAN Write a poem a day for 30 days!
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Call for Poetry Submissions

Postby AJFolkart » Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:30 pm

Crispus, of The House of 30, offers the following announcement.

The Bridge Review: Special Bread and Roses Issue

The Bridge Review: Merrimack Valley Culture is an on-line journal about the culture of the Greater Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Founded in 1997, the journal explores the interwoven concepts of place, nature, culture, and society. Based at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, the journal includes writing, visual art, music, video clips, and other creative and scholarly works relevant to our bio-region.

The Bridge Review is doing a special issue in support of the Centennial Anniversary of the Great Lawrence Strike of 1912, better known as the "Bread & Roses Strike". The year 2012 presents us with a wonderful opportunity to examine this critical moment in American history using poems, stories, creative non-fiction, and visual arts. The intent of the centennial is to tell the fascinating story of the strike while using it as a lens with which we can discuss very relevant contemporary issues such as: the fate of collective bargaining, immigration policy, worker health and safety, “bread” in its many senses -- food, income disparities, “living wage” – are all of which were concerns then are issues once again.

The Bread & Roses Centennial Committee is charged with planning and programming a slew of events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this momentous strike in 2012. The committee's member organizations are committed to making this centennial the best it can possibly be for the city of Lawrence. The four major events being coordinated by the Centennial Committee include an Academic Symposium sponsored by the Lawrence History Center, an exhibit of Ralph Fasanella original paintings sponsored by the Lawrence Heritage State Park, a permanent strike exhibit sponsored by the Lawrence History Center, and a Bread & Roses Centennial Labor Day festival sponsored by the Bread & Roses Heritage Committee. Other smaller events include: A city-wide "book-read" of Katherine Patterson's book "Bread and Roses, Too" sponsored by the Lawrence Public Library A "kick-off reception" in January of 2012 sponsored by the Bread & Roses Centennial Committee A Bread & Roses Film Festival hosted by the Lawrence Heritage State Park ... and many more in the works! For more information about the celebration and these events, go to the Committee’s website:


To submit work, write to Text documents must be submitted in Word (12 point Times), double-spaced, with all text justified to the left margin. If you want to send your contributions or other non-electronic correspondence, please send to

The Bridge Review
c/o Prof. Robert Forrant
History Department
UMass Lowell
Lowell MA 01854

Materials sent by regular mail if a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage is provided. The editors will consider creative and scholarly material, provided that it is suitable for electronic transmission to the Bridge Review audience. Works that are substantial in size should be discussed with the editors prior to submission. Select, representative material is more appropriate for submission than long works. Exceptions may be made, but only with the agreement of the editors prior to submission. The editors will try to work with contributors to publish any high quality original or historical material, providing that it is suitable for electronic transmission to The Bridge Review audience. Works that are substantial in size should be discussed with the editor prior to submission. The deadline for submission is Dec. 31, 2011.

For additional information on submissions, you may want to consult

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