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Postby AJFolkart » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:47 am


Fred followed the smells,
stuck to the brush beside the road,
found himself at a bigger road - the highway

Fred was lucky, not much traffic
at three AM on a snowy night.
He didn't know. He didn't care.

Fred followed more smells,
right along the edge of the raised road,
delicious smells of unknown animals

Fred was in Heaven
it was as if he could read
the histories of everything that had passed.

Fred stopped sniffing.
What sound was that? Maggie? Muldoon?
No. Like a kitten. Like something small.

Fred stood still, his paws very cold,
a light, a flame, below him
in the deep ditch, brighter than the moon.

Fred waited. He always waited.
A voice. Like Maggie's voice when she was nice,
small, delicate. And the light. Again.

Fred clambered down the snowy slope.
The light again, inside something big and dark,
a car, on its head in the ditch.

Fred heard the sound louder. Scented fear.
Frightened words. Someone in the wreck.
A lighter flicked - a womans face glowed. She called out.

Fred put his nose up against the window
fogged up the glass, the woman cried.
Sometimes Maggie cried. Fred should help.

Fred took the shortcut through the orchard,
Maggie must be up, lights on in the house,
the smell of something good cooking, meat . . . .

Fred understood the fear behind him
and help in front of him, and bounded up the porch steps,
scratched at the door, barked for all he was worth.

Maggie opened the door. "There you are, Fred!
Come on in. I've been worried."
But Fred wouldn't go in,

Fred ran down the steps into the dark yard
and barked and barked and barked,
running up to the porch, and then a little ways up the road.

Muldoon came to the door. "What's going on?"
Maggie already had her boots on, was getting her coat,
"Fred's found something or someone - something's wrong. "

Fred Barked. Maggie ran down the steps.
Muldoon pulled on his boots too. Fred barked and ran up the road,
Up to the highway, down to the car, to the voice and the light.

Fred and Muldoon and Maggie stood shivering
when the so-many cars and trucks and men and lights arrived,
they pulled someone out of the car, pulled the car up to the highway.

Fred wondered, as the sky lightened,
whether Maggie
had filled his bowl.

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