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Local Authors Event in the Library

Postby Don Schaeffer » Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:40 pm

Yesterday the Huntington Library hosted a local authors show including about 30 local people who wrote books. I was the only poet there (and sold one book). With only two exception the authors were all self published one way or the other. There were non-fiction books, self-help books, history books, mystery novels, romantic novels, fantasy novels, journalistic works. One guy had been a journalist and won a Nobel Prize for an investigative piece he wrote. There were lots of childrens books with lovely illustrations. People had prepared posters, visual aids, audio. Readers wandered into small auditorium and made the round of tables, mostly looking but occassionally purchasing. Many of the authors spent small fortunes on publication, amounts which they will probably never recover. When I chatted with them they told me about their inability to access book stores and libraries for readers. They are outright rejected or relegated to out-of-the way corners.

As publication gets democratized, access to readers remains exclusive property of those who achieve celebrity through the media. It's a kind of class division which we can't seem to break through. Writers work and have to pay to have their work seen. This was an enlightening meeting at the library. I wrote the library this morning to thank them for the event, expressing my hope they will repeat it. I also suggested they sponsor a meeting of authors, a round-table or workshop to discuss the issue of access to readers.

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